Thursday, May 22, 2008

God-Hungry = "Relationship-Starved"

One of my favorite quotes on friendship came from a book by Dan Allender, called "The Healing Path." He told the story of a friendship gone awry, due to misunderstanding. One Sunday after church, Allender made an attempt to reconcile with this friend, to no avail. He wrote, "I watched a friendship drive away."

This morning, a very dear friend literally drove away, down the Alaska-Canada highway, moving to the Lower 48. Thankfully, it's not the end of the friendship, but it certainly is the end of our "coffee" times at B & N.

It saddens me, yet strangely comforts me, that friendship does come and go with the seasons of life. The verse on the card I gave to my friend said this: "Let the seasons change as they may, but hold fast to your true friends."

Here is my "good-bye" note:

Dear Sam, (Samantha)
I miss you already — before you have even left AK. I know that the seasons change, and life goes on, but I pray that we will be "forever friends" who keep in touch, (at least on a semi-regular basis!) the kind of friends who pick right back up where we left off in the conversation.
So many things remind me to think of you — and pray for you — from Michaels, to coffee, to church, to military, to "Martha" :-) As Brian said, "There is no other person like Sam: she's one of a kind!"
Your friendship has been and always will be a treasured gift!
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