Friday, December 16, 2005

Near-Misses and Miss-Communication!

Although the warm temperature feels nice, it's not a good thing for road conditions.

I very nearly had a wreck today on the icy roads in downtown Fairbanks! I slid around the corner into the other lane. (Not speeding, I was at a complete stop at a red light, but the road turned immediately after the intersection, and it was on a slanted, icy bridge!) The other driver and I could have reached through the car windows and shook hands, we were so close!

Who knows? An angel could have stopped me from hitting the vehicle. I remember shutting my eyes, whispering "JESUS," and waiting for the jarring impact and a crushing metal sound. When I didn't hear any crashing noises, I opened my eyes and saw another wide-eyed pair of eyes right beside me! I had stopped just short of scraping the paint off the side of the vehicle. That was close!

Tonight would be a great night for putting up the lights on the house. I must have spent over two hours yesterday untangling the cords of about ten "icicle" lights. Then I spent another hour trying to change fuses and light bulbs to get them all working. Doesn't seem like it was worth my time, considering a box of lights is on sale for $3.97! (It's even cheaper with my employee discount!)

Oh well, tonight is our church's Christmas musical presentation. 'Tis the season.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

My poor husband can't win. He played a cruel joke on me, completely unintentionally. He asked me how to spell the name of the "Vallatta" Restaurant, as he was looking up the phone number in the directory. I spelled it for him, giving him a mini-lesson on etymology, as I assumed it was from the Italian word for "village." Meanwhile, I was wondering why he messed around and made the reservation right in front of me, instead of just surprising me tomorrow night.

Thinking it was better to be direct with my communication, I asked, "Oh, are you taking me there? It was only a year ago at this time that you took me to that restaurant." Now, unfortunately, only one of us had remembered the connection between the restaurant and my birthday, and apparently it wasn't him! Inserting dear hubby's huge foot into his own mouth, he replied, "Well, no ... money doesn't grow on trees, you know."

About the same time that it dawned upon me that I had made an embarrassing assumption it also dawned on hubby that he was in trouble. Just then, the phone call went through, and my husband went ahead with his original plan (one-track mind of a man!) to arrange to pay for a church couple's dinner by credit card, because he heard they were celebrating their anniversary tonight at that restaurant.


It's hard to be mad at someone when he has such good intentions!

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