Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Recent News!

Well, I got a job! I work 9-3, M-F, at Michael's! I love it! The Christmas music gets a little old; it's been on for three weeks now. I do love the floral arrangements, and last Thursday, I got to help create the Christmas centerpieces! I have unwrapped lots of new ornaments, etc., and decorated some Christmas trees. My favorite part of the job was cleaning out the clearance section, the best section in the whole store. My actual title is "price integrity coordinator" which is a fancy way of telling people what my daughter said to me on my first day, "Oh, you put stickers on and take them off all day." Well, yes, but I do coordinate the prices all over the store, and make sure they are the right prices, with integrity :-)

It was pretty mind-boggling at first; they gave me a whole bunch of stickers, and a checklist to check off each price change, and a shopping cart to push around, and said, "Go, find them all." So, now I know where everything is in the whole store. (Well, not exactly; they move them around a lot, which is really frustrating!) The hardest adjustment to make was being on my feet for six to eight hours a day. I should wear a pedometer! It's a new way of shopping 'till you drop!

Sometimes I wish I had waited for a better-paying job with benefits. I like my hours, and the job is really kind of fun (at times), and the pay could be worse, so I'm not complaining.

It's one degree Fahrenheit right now. Kids were out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, but we went to a quiet restaurant, and our kids helped out at the Harvest Party at church. Daylight Savings is over, October is gone; it's time to crawl into the covers and hibernate until spring. Ha!

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