Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: In the Words of My Twelve-Year-Old Son

My son, Ben (nickname), wrote this poem after hearing his dad's sermon in church, followed by an extended season of corporate prayer for the victims of Hurricane Katrina:

It makes me sad that the levy's did not hold
People died young and old
Some did not heed the wisdom of the evacuation
What Katrina did hurt the entire nation
Sure people made it to the superdome
But now almost all have no home.

Getting on the bus must be hard
They even have people from the National Guard
Water up to the roof
The devastation of Katrina they have proof
Some people sick, others dead
Just thinking of this hurts my head

People sad from separation
That is true devastation
People fighting for food
People acting very rude
People dead on the ground
Next to people all around

People, we need to pray
For there are some dying every day.

09/04/05 12:55 PM "Hurricane Katrina"

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