Monday, August 01, 2005

A Glimpse into the Darkness of Depression

I came across this article while searching "Treasures of Darkness" on the web:

Treasures of Darkness: Depression
A Personal Point of View

by Roger Carswell

Click here


  1. Hi Glory,

    The link doesn't seem to work ... I'm curious to read the article, but haven't had any success googling it (though your blog appears frequently in the search!)


  2. So sorry, Trinka, I messed up the html again. Clicking on the link doesn't work, but the title "A Glimpse into the Darkness of Depression" is actually the link. Just click, and away you should go!

    However, just to be sure:-) here it is:

  3. Yes! That worked - thank you. :)

    Several dear friends struggle mightily with depression, and I'm always eager to read things that might help me be an encouragement.