Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Journey of the Heart

Once before there was time, there was a Deity named "The Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit". The Father loved the Son, and the Son was with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit was God. The Trinity was at the center of the universe. [Perfect relationship is the heart of all reality.] The Trinity existed in perfect intimacy, and shared glory.

Once before there was time, the Father gave a heavenly banquet in honor of His Son, because it was the Father’s nature to give generously, He shared His glory with the Son, and freely gave Him honor. Of all the invited hosts of angels, one named Lucifer was unable to accept the goodness of God’s heart. He plotted to ascend to new heights of glory, where he would share center stage with no one. Though he was a beautiful created being, he was not made in the image of God, and did not have a heart like the Trinity. Instead of love, he allowed jealousy to fill his heart; an insurrection was born. A worshipper, turned traitor, Lucifer began to turn the hearts of other angels by questioning and doubting the goodness of God’s heart. Soon, he amassed an army of betrayers that forged into battle with the Almighty to seek the glory and honor that belonged to the Sovereign alone. The battle was fought and lost, and Lucifer with his legion was cast out of heaven, hurled to the depths.

Once, at the beginning of time, the Trinity remained at the center of the universe, in perfect relationship. Although the heart of God had been betrayed, His generous nature and overwhelming love caused Him to want a Lover with whom to share His infinite glory. So, He created Paradise on earth, far enough away from heaven to be a perfect place for a garden tryst, a romantic rendesvous for God and His Lover. Then, God created man in His own image, after the likeness of the Trinity – male, female, human beings; created to be children of the Father, Lovers of the Son, and Students of the Spirit.

Once upon a time, in the beginning, The Lord and His chosen ones walked in the Garden, in perfect relationship, and perfect intimacy, with shared glory. Because of His great love, He gave His chosen ones the freedom to choose, and the freedom to know the goodness of His heart. Then, God blessed them, and told them to cultivate and be caretakers of the beautiful garden tryst.

And they were naked... and not ashamed.

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