Tuesday, May 17, 2005

My Dearest Mia

My Dearest Mia,

You have astonished and amazed me in many ways since you were born. From your beautiful blue eyes and flaxen blond hair to the tender intricate workings of your heart and mind … you are a Masterpiece. You’re delightfully different from me, yet completely a part of me, and I’ll love you forever!

You’re a sweet mix of timidity and bravery. A shy pre-schooler who stood on the outside of the circle at storytime; yet, once you escaped your nursery attendants and walked up the stairs, out through the side door and down the aisle of the sanctuary, right in the middle of a wedding! You never left my side in public places, and screamed from your grocery cart seat if a stranger approached; yet, once when you were 3 years old, you walked out the door of Grandma’s house, down the long gravel driveway, along the country road, and up the lane to Aunt Ruth’s house, just because I said you could play with your cousins.

Throughout your childhood, you have continually amazed me in little ways, like cleaning the house without being told, and big ways, like playing a piano offertory or getting first place for your science presentation.

I was astounded when you went and obtained your driver’s permit only two days after you turned fourteen, and within days you were driving me to church!

Even today you surprised me by entering Sakari in an obedience competition at the fairgrounds, and you went around the course with all the other adults, acting like you knew all about dog handling and training.

I guess I said all that to tell you how proud I am of you and how amazed I am at the work of art God has created you to be. As you continue to grow up, it is my delight and privilege to sit back and watch what God is forming you to be: a beautiful, talented young lady.

Most of all, I am awed and honored to see the hand of God on your life, molding your tender heart, defining and refining your calling to full-time ministry. You are His child, you’ve just been given to us for a time, a very short time, but you’ll always be my baby.

Love, Mom

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